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Sometimes I hear people jokingly make the statement that this world must be coming to an end. This they say because of all the troubling things happening around us. We are talking mega challenges, here. For instance, our nation is drowning in over 14 trillion dollars of debt! There is gridlock in Washington, as lawmakers debate this current year’s federal budget, not to mention next year’s. Many of our states have critical budget crises. The spreading unrest in the Middle East is interrupting the normal flow of oil, driving up the price of gas, and who knows when things will stabilize there. The list goes on and on, but I won’t bore you with the details since it’s all in the news.

There is much speculation as to who will get in the race for the presidential election of 2012. Where is the dream team that will solve all of our problems so that we can know the prosperity we once knew? And what about God? What is His game plan for our world?

First of all, there is no dream team that will be coming to Washington to solve all of our problems. I appreciate all of our politicians who sincerely desire to make a positive difference at the local, state, and federal levels of government. But there is one thing I am convinced of, having observed one administration after the other descend on Washington with enthusiasm and lots of great ideas, and it is that our politicians don’t have the answers to many of our most serious problems. That does not mean we should not do our best to find effective solutions.

But it is not hopeless. God does have a master plan. Consider this prophecy regarding the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ: “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder” (Isaiah 9:6). We often quote this verse during Christmastime because it foretells of the birth of the Savior. But note the last part—“the government shall be upon his shoulder.” You see, eventually this world as we know it will cease to exist. Ultimately, the Lord’s Christ will return, and He will bear the rule of government. He will reign forever, establishing rule in righteousness.

Generally, our government prefers that God not butt into its affairs. Too many of our politicians feel they can solve the nation’s problems without God’s input. Well, a truth about God is that He does not force His help on those who don’t want it. But if it is one thing that we have proved, in our zeal to show that we are in control, it is that we are not in control. With time, our inability to rise to the occasion will only highlight the truth that we are at our wits’ end.

I believe that God will allow us to do things our own way until we have exhausted all human attempts to succeed, after which we will be forced to look beyond ourselves for answers. This will set the stage for Christ to return and to sit on the throne of David. And the Bible says something awesome about Jesus’ return to reign: “Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end” (Isaiah 9:7). Can you imagine a government that will abound in peace and increase? Well, friend, that’s God’s ultimate plan for this world!

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