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How do you start your day? Do you make God a part of your daily plans? Pause, before you answer. You see, I don’t mean simply going through the motions but actually inviting God to be a part of your plans for each day. “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he will direct thy paths,” the Bible says (Proverbs 3:6).

Some people think, though wrongly, that when they pray to God and tell Him what their intentions are that they have acknowledged Him, in accordance with the aforementioned verse. In reality what many of them are doing is they are telling God what their plans are, and they assume He will rubber- stamp their plans.

But when we truly acknowledge God, we examine our motives relative to what we know His Word says about the subject at hand. Moreover, we earnestly seek to know His will relative to our intentions, and we are willing to make adjustments to our plans as required to make them compliant with His will. When we approach prayer that way, the dynamics of our talk with God are totally different.

The main point I want to make is that when we pray to God about our plans, we should do so because we desire His involvement. The verse I quoted above says that when we acknowledge God, He will direct our paths. So the question is, how does God direct us? It is highly unlikely that He will do so by giving us some clear, audible instructions on what to do. No, a map of our divinely appointed path is not going to fall from the sky.

The truth is, we have to trust God on this one. For instance, when I get up in the morning and pray and discuss my plans for the day with God, I have to examine my heart’s intent relative to His will. When I know the two are one, I am confident that God will be a part of my decision-making. I also am confident that He will direct my paths. I may feel as though I am doing everything on my own, but that’s because God makes Himself one with me when I make it a habit of acknowledging Him in all that I do!

If this concept is something new to you, you won’t be an expert at it in the beginning. But the more you develop this discipline, the more attune to God you will become. You will grow in your ability to hear His quiet voice speaking to you about your plans and your life. Most importantly, you will make better choices in life because God is part of your daily plans.

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