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You can tell what a person values by where his heart remains focused. Take for instance, a teenage girl who has fallen in love. If she just can’t stop talking about her new boyfriend, to the point that she’s about to drive everyone else nuts, you need not ask if she is madly in love. Our words are the echo of our heart. Furthermore, our heart follows what we esteem to be our treasure. 
That’s why we must be careful where we build our treasure in this life. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also,” Jesus says (Matthew 6:21). We maintain control over where our heart will be focused until we decide where we will build our treasure. After we decide on our treasure and invest therein, our heart will follow suit. There is no way to separate what we treasure from where our heart exists. Even when we are physically away, our heart is still there. Hence, the Lord’s desire is that we labor to lay up for ourselves a treasure in heaven.
Many years ago, I attended a weeklong class at a university. The entire morning of the first day, the person sitting at my left was on the phone and leaving the classroom seems like every few minutes.  At lunchtime, he introduced himself to me, and he explained that since the class began that morning he had already lost over $10,000 in the stock market. He said he couldn’t concentrate on the class, and that what I had been observing that morning was he and his broker desperately trying to do what they could to minimize any further monetary loss.

He was in the class physically, but his heart was where his treasure was.

The verse above explains why many Christians in church lack commitment to the work of the Lord. Oftentimes, they are too invested in the things of this world. Accordingly, they are preoccupied with these things.  Again, “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
So in order to change the focus of our heart, we must learn to value the work of the Kingdom of God and invest more time and resources there. Also bear in mind that the return on our investment in the Kingdom is much better than the return on our worldly endeavors.

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