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There are serious consequences for not knowing what you want in life. Some people, for example, don’t know what kind of person they want for a mate or spouse. Then there are those who show up to the car dealer’s lot to buy a new car, having no idea of what they want. Many people attend college, not knowing what area of study they want to major in. The problem here is that when we don’t know what we want, we stand the chance of letting others make up our mind for us. That never works out in our favor.

In a couple of instances, during premarital counseling, I asked the candidates what they expected out of their marriage, and they had a terribly hard time answering the question. You would think that for something that important, a man or woman would have thought about that. One of the consequences of our being undecided in life is that “a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways,” the Bible says (James 1:8).  
Actually, the verse quoted above is part of a discourse on asking and receiving from God. This subject should be important to all Christians because asking is the means by which we receive from God. And most of the time, a duration of time exists between the time we ask and the time we receive. Sometimes, that duration of time can be very long.

That brings us to the very heart of the discourse from which the aforementioned verse was taken. If we want to receive from God, we can’t be wishy-washy. We don’t need great faith to receive from God, but we need genuine faith. We can’t be double-minded between the time that we ask and the time we wait to receive from God.
Let me guess. Some of you are probably saying, “Doing that is much easier said than done.” I agree.

Christians are commanded to live by faith in God. But the predominantly pagan culture in which we live makes that lifestyle a challenge for us. Casual Christianity want cut it. We must daily edify and challenge ourselves to embrace a life of genuine faith in God. To me, this is a quality-of-life issue. It is by asking that we receive from God. But for those who waver in their faith, “Let not that man think that he shall receive anything from the Lord” (James 1:7).
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